Golden Cup Balm

2 g.THAI GOLDEN CUP BALM Ointment Herbal Pain Relief of muscular rheumatism, headache.
Goledn Cup Balm
Goledn Cup Balm
Goledn Cup Balm
Item Descriptions
Product Name
Golden Cup Balm
Product Type
2.0 g
1 Pieces
Each 100g. contains.
Methyl Salicylate
15 g.
15 g.
12 g.
Peppermint Oil
6.3 g.
Eucalyptus Oil
1.2 g.
Cajuput Oil
1.0 g.
Clove Oil
0.5 g.
Cinnamon Oil
0.5 g.
And Ointment base to 100 g.
Drug Registration Number. 2A 521/28

Store below 30°C.

For external use only.

Properties : For relief of muscular rheumatism, strain, headache, insect bites or stings, sprains, nasal congestion.


  • Rub the Balm in gently but firmly to the affected area i.e. knee, back, shoulder, elbow or other area exhibiting pain or stress, caused by work, sport or normal daily routine.
  • The Balm can be massaged in to relieve cramp.
  • Dab a drop on the base of each nostril, and inhale in order to combat nasal congestion.
  • Apply the Balm at the distal end of each eyebrow, to relieve headaches, dizziness and possible faintness.
  • Rub the Balm well in to relieve itchy skin or insect bites.


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